Student?- Here’s 21 reasons why an aparthotel is the perfect student pad

May 21, 2021 | Hotel living, Students

Today’s student pays out an awful lot of money for their education, so saving money on accommodation means they end up with less debt. Here we are going to look at 19 reasons why an Aparthotel is the perfect student accommodation.

1. Bills all in

Heating and electricity are all separate bills for student accommodation. Often you end up sharing the bill and then arguing over who used what. Your bills are all included in your room rental in an aparthotel, so no need to worry about charging up your laptop, phone, tablet.

2. Covid Safe

Single Air conditioning units are available in every room. Inner-living has invested in virus killer units in each of its bedrooms, so the air is not shared through a central air conditioning system. This cuts the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

3. Ensuite

No self-respecting student is in an accommodation without an ensuite these days—no sharing toilet paper, toothpaste, or finding someone else’s hair in the plughole. Even better is when someone else cleans these private facilities.

4. Cleaning

Whilst we’re talking about cleaning, what’s better than having your room cleaned for you and all the communal areas?

5. Security and reception

Having your own doorman and receptionist is not just for the elite; you have your own reception where guests can check in an aparthotel—less chance of strangers wandering in and so less chance of burglary.  Any maintenance problems and reception can report them to management for you.

6. In house bar

it’s excellent living near a pub but having your own in-house bar is even better. Large selection of drinks to choose from.

7. Restaurant

You might have your own cooking facilities within your room, but there are those days when you really can’t be bothered to cook. Pop downstairs to the restaurant and order your breakfast or evening meal to either take in your room or the restaurant. Our Wembley aparthotel has a pizza restaurant,

8. In-room mini kitchen

The ability to cook in your room means you have studio facilities in a hotel room environment. Saving you money on restaurants and takeaways. All private and so need to label everything in your cupboard, you even get your own fridge.

9. Cost-effective budget-friendly

Our Aparthotels at Inner-Living start around £700 per month. This is a highly budget-friendly cost when compared to other student digs in the area. Don’t forget to tally in those bills when making calculations, as there are some real savings!

10.No lengthy contract- or Paperwork nightmares!

Usually, you sign a year-long contract with a landlord; our contracts are on a rolling 3- monthly basis here at inner living.  No deposits, viewings, background checks, credit checks or affordability checks. You can turn up on the day, sign for the room and have your head on the pillow that same night. Heading home for the summer no longer means paying for accommodation you are not using.

11. Summer city visiting

Are you studying in another part of the UK? Fancy visiting the capital for the summer to explore our museums and galleries and taking some of the shows? In an aparthotel, you can do just that.

12. Want to change rooms?

Want a change of scenery, view, or even hotel? With our 3-monthly contract, you can change to a different room or hotel within the group.

13. Hang out with the young people

Our Aparthotels are designed for students and young professionals, meaning you are liking to be mingling with other students and young professionals in the communal areas. If you have finished your studies and are entering the world of work, staying on in your room is as easy as signing another 3 months.

14. Safety and emergency help

At inner-living, all our staff are CBS checked and trained in first aid, fire safety, safe evacuation, and on hand if any need help is required.

15. Fitness gym

An on-site fitness gym means you can stay healthy and fit without having to leave the building

16. London

At the heart of everything, being in London means meeting the right people and making the right connections to get ahead.

17. Universities

London Universities are renowned across the world. International students fly in to attend places such as The London School of Economics and Political Science and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London.

18. In-room TV

Each room has a wall-mounted smart TV, no need to pay for the separate tv license fee.

19. Extra storage

Our Aparthotel rooms have extra drawers and shelving for your belongings.

20. Study desk and chair

Each room has a place to study set aside with a desk and chair so you can research for your assignments.

21. Laundry

On-site laundry, so you can get your bedding and clothes washed