Why living in a hotel is the no. 1 best option!

Apr 22, 2021 | Hotel living

The costs of living rise all the time and for accommodation in London costs are one of the biggest outlays. We believe we have the perfect solution for those needing longer-term accommodation in London, without the need for rental agreements. Living in a hotel is a cost-effective way of staying in the capital.

living in a hotel


Who does need to stay longer?

There are a variety of reasons to stay for longer in a hotel. People working in the city may need temporary accommodation while they move. Some people are seconded to the head office or on training courses. NHS staff are often invited to work in the busy London hospitals to ease the strain and pick up new skills. Actors and performers, and stage crew may need a home while they work on a project or show. Having work done on your own property can mean you would rather stay elsewhere while the builders get on with the job. Or even you may want an extended holiday while visiting the capital.

What are the benefits?

Living in a hotel means you get the ensuite room, with a choice of twin or kingsize beds. The tea and coffee facilities are upgraded to cooking appliances. Microwave ovens, hobs and sinks feature in the room. There is a desk area, allowing you to work. The TV, usually wall-mounted, is there for your entertainment—WiFi connectivity for your phones and tablets. Reception downstairs can assist you with your needs and give you added security. Laundry and cleaning can be taken care of. Parking is a premium in London; however, we have parking at the hotels for guests all within the costs. As an extended-stay guest, you also have discounts for the in-house bar and restaurant.


Other advantages over renting

Signing a rental agreement for accommodation in London ties you to a particular property with us; if you need to change rooms or even hotels, we can arrange this. We have several hotels in the group. If you want help in arranging a taxi, or understanding where to see a show, reception can assist you. All electricity and heating are covered, so no extra bills to worry about.


Why not have a look through our website and see if living in a hotel could work for you or your staff.