Aparthotel Lifestyle is an excellent way to live

Sep 24, 2021 | Hotel living, London, Students

Living in a hotel for longer periods can have its advantages. What does the aparthotel lifestyle entail? And how can it advantage you?

Waking up

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, your aparthotel lifestyle sets you up for a great day ahead! You can book a wake-up call through reception, but most people have a watch or phone to do this task gently. Your on-suite shower room awaits with plenty of hot water, no need to worry about the water bill as it’s all-inclusive! Turn up the heating before you step into the shower and your room will be lovely and toasty for you to get dressed and ready.


Pop downstairs for your buffet breakfast or order to your room for ultimate lazy luxury. Alternatively, pop some bread in the toaster and switch the kettle on, your milk is in your own in-room fridge and coffee and cereal is in the cupboards. A bowl and spoon is available in your room too and a sink for washing up after yourself.

Keeping informed

The smart flat-screen TV on the wall can be switched on so you keep up with the weather and news before starting your day. No electricity or tv licence to pay for, and your Netflix or prime account can be used, or pick up a firestick or Google Chromecast to display your phone’s content.


Extra storage space in your room, means your business suits are hung ready for action. Your folders, notes and books are on the desk ready for you to take to work, or university.

Out for the day

You can let reception know if you are expecting any parcels, no need to stay in for deliveries. Phone calls can be collected and messages taken on your behalf. Whilst you are out for the day, cleaners will sweep through your room, every 2 weeks, changing sheets, towels and making your room spick and span for your return.

After your day

Returning back from work or your lectures, you can pick up the mail and any parcels at reception as you head back up to your room. Once in your room, peace and quiet will be welcome as you strip off the day. Relax and chill before dinner.

Evening meals

Enjoy a homecooked meal in your room, or send out for takeaway, reception will let you know when it arrives. Alternatively, head down to the hotel restaurant and enjoy wholesome meals cooked for you. Either way, the in-house bar awaits you and here you will find fellow residents enjoying a pint or two, before heading out for the evening or back to their rooms for more study. Being in-house means you can take your drinks in your room too if you wish.

And so to bed

With comfortable Hypnos beds and mattresses, and cool clean sheets, you are sure to get a good night’s rest. No staying awake worrying about bills, council tax, or even the cleaning!

Is the aparthotel lifestyle for you?

If you want to concentrate on your job and studies, without the stress of life, then the aparthotel lifestyle will suit you very well. Contact us today for your booking.