Co-Living- the brilliant way of sharing space

Jan 28, 2022 | Hotel living, Uncategorized

The cost of renting is going through the roof! Nevermore so than in the Capital. Co-living is the new way to overcome this problem, we are going to explain more.

What is co-living?

This is a term used for shared ways of living. Whether it is in space or in shared values. People have been co-living for many years, examples such as Kibbutz, communes and sheltered housing schemes. This concept is now being brought bang up to date with our co-living accommodation.

Co-living in industry

Many communities have been built up around the co-living concept. Port Sunlight in the UK is one such example. However, the days of whole floors being taken up with one firm are dwindling and now it is more common to find similar industries to be grouped together in one building, each feeding work through the other and collaborating on larger projects together.

Benefits to co-living


Absolutely the biggest benefit is that it makes living in more affluent areas of London more affordable for young professionals. Though pensioners and families benefit too from these types of communities.


If you have just arrived in the city, loneliness can be a factor, whereas in a co-living situation, you have a shared space and people in the same situation as yourself. This shared experience opens the possibility to make friends.

Extra add-onsBar Pumps

With bars, restaurants, gyms and plush lounges reserved for residents, the benefits of a co-living arrangement start to really show!

Shared resources

As these buildings are all-in-one, you often find that the bills and cost of amenities are all within your rental price. This means no surprises or fluctuations in costs month to month.


Modern co-living spaces often mean you have your own private space alongside the shared spaces. This can range depending on the type of arrangement you are joining.

Try co-living yourself

Our co-living spaces are private bedrooms, with en-suite bathroom facilities. There is a kitchenette with fridges, ovens, sinks and cupboard space. Wardrobes and comfortable double beds mean storage and a good nights sleep!

There are shared laundry facilities and lounge, study and workspaces if you wish to escape from your room.

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