London- 5 Easy ways of getting around on a budget

Feb 25, 2022 | London, Uncategorized

Living and working in the capital also means getting around the city. Here we shall look at the options for transport within London.

Living in London

Moving to London and working in the city can be a daunting prospect. Here at inner-living, we have the perfect solution to budget-friendly, clean and safe accommodation. Read more in last month’s blog on co-living. As with any big bustling city, London can appear quite daunting to plot your routes across. Luckily, London has several options for getting you across the city swiftly and efficiently.

Taxisgetting around london- black cab

London is famous for its black cabs, these iconic vehicles are driven by experts in London streets. The drivers all pass ‘The Knowledge.’ this incredibly difficult test means that your driver literally knows every street in London like the back of his hand. They are excellent at getting you door to door for important meetings.

London has other taxis, these ‘private hire’ cabs are usually cars with signs showing this status, look for official badges from the Councils and TfL to say your driver is a licenced cab driver. You can pre-book these cars.

At night outside nightclubs and restaurants, some people pose as taxis offering lifts, be very careful before taking up the offer. It is much safer to prebook or hail a black cab.

Oyster cards- easy way to pay

Oyster cards are pre-loaded contactless cards that allow you to pay for your bus, train or tube. You can also use a regular contactless card, however the oyster card allows you to budget better. Sign up for yours today here.

Getting around on Buses

Getting around by bus is easy, with a great network of routes across the city. Daytime routes are regular and pretty quick. Here is a link to the key bus routes in Central London. This link will take you to the ‘spider routes’  for each borough. If party late or work late or early the famous night buses are a lifesaver for you. Oyster cards and contactless cards both work on the buses, making entry onto the buses swift.


Getting around London - underground and Big BenGetting around by Rail- overground and underground

London has a huge network of rail lines crisscrossing the city. Many of them travel overground and duck down into the ‘tube’ network as they near the centre. The map of the Tube stations is not accurate to the streets above, as it was designed for simplicity by an electrical engineer. However, it is easier to navigate when reading it this way.

Overground stations link to the central network, here is a link to those maps.

Cyclinggetting around london-cycling

This is an extremely popular way of getting around. It’s a lot cheaper too, especially if commuting every day. Cycle lanes and paths have been developed, and recent changes to the highway code have increased the rights of road users other than cars. Cycle paths are clearly marked and you can find a map here.

The Thames getting around along the river

Visitors often overlook the Thames as a major transport link. The riverboats are a wonderful leisurely way to make your way across and along the river, whilst taking in the sights. Some boats are faster than the roadways or the tube! You can find a map here. Many of the boats accommodate cycles and wheelchairs too.

By Car

The whole region of London is subject to a congestion charge for vehicles. The sheer volume of traffic has had the effect of making it frustratingly difficult to drive around the capital. Don’t worry , you will get used to is over time. Though parking is extremely problematic and people fight over premium spaces, check if your place of work has suitable parking. We do have parking at Inner- Living, so you can leave your car here and use it at the weekend to escape the city. If you are unfamiliar with driving in the UK, do check the highway code beforehand.