New Year’s resolutions- 5 great and practical ideas for you

Dec 31, 2021 | London, Hotel living, Students

The New Year is always full of expectations and resolutions for the coming year. Let us look at how you can fulfil some of these during your stay at Inner Living.

Health and Wellnessfitness yoga position

After the indulgences of the festive holidays, many of us wish to either lose weight or get fitter. January is a busy month in the gyms. Our Queens Crystal Palace aparthotel has a gym opening soon. However, all our aparthotels are situated close to local gyms and fitness centres.

Wellness can be achieved with meditation and Yoga, both of which you can easily perform in the privacy of your aparthotel room. You can download Meditation apps to your smartphone. There are many yoga videos on YouTube, which you will find on your in-room smart TV. Make it a resolution to take part in more activity this year.

Eating better

Living in a hotel might not seem easy to eat well, though you have a mini-kitchen in your aparthotel and the facility to store and cook fresh food for yourself. Why not make a resolution to eat fresh food daily, and resist the takeaways? You can order from the restaurant too, where our chefs prepare meals for you. The fridge in your room means you can keep food fresh for longer. Planning a week’s meals can also help budget and reduce food wastage by using the same ingredients in multiple meals.

Getting your Finances sortedfinance calculations

Living in an aparthotel makes budgeting easy, as it’s all in the one bill: rent, council tax, electricity, heating and hot water. No Tv license to fork out for either. However, suppose you are planning to move on and get your own place. In that case, you will need to start saving and putting aside money for these. Planning your budget now is a great idea, and you can get financial advisors in Citizens advice and Shelter to assist you. Make a resolution to have finances in place at the beginning of the year, including budgeting for next Christmas.

Looking to upgrade yourself

January is also the time people look to upskill and learn new things. Inner Living is conveniently located in London, where many of the best schools and colleges are based. Online learning is also a growing trend; the centre of excellence and the Open University are both places to start looking for your next course if learning something new is one of your resolutions. Perhaps you are looking to gain a promotion or a better job? There are many jobs available since the Pandemic and Brexit; many are in the hospitality trade too. So it is an excellent time to put out your CV on the job recruitment websites and start hunting down a new position for yourself.

Resolution to get a new placekeys for new home

Some of you are staying with us as a stop-gap solution. Students are often looking to get a full-time job after graduation and get a larger apartment. Others with us include those under local authority housing. Therefore the plan should be to progress to a full tenancy with a permanent address. Start now by making the right applications for housing in the area. Students should register with housing too. Check out landlords agreements before committing. Remember our Aparthotels are available for long term stays, making them the perfect base to start flat hunting in the capital.

If you are planning on moving to the capital

You could consider us here at Inner Living. Our Aparthotels are perfect to start off your life in the capital. All in one bill, flexible terms and conveniently situated with transport links to the rest of the city. Many people make a resolution to move up into London each year, is it time you joined them?